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July 2009 Entries

New Generative Art – Missile Cloud

Lately I’ve been playing around with generative art for framing and hanging, this is a collection from some code I wrote in Context Free. I’ve also recently discovered the function to render at high resolutions and really adds another dimension of detail in this kind of recursive art. The frames you see here are cropped sections of one of the renders I found interesting.   If you want to explore one of the 5000x3500px high-res frames, it’s here: Missile Cloud 8 – VBX (7mb). I also have a 10k pixel, 22mb version, if anyone is...

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Abandoned House

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a bunch of photos in a turn of the century abandoned farm house, and it was very cool. It was out in the middle of nowhere, Minnesota.    The house was in disrepair and was pretty treacherous, but not seriously dangerous. Some walls were smashed, garbage strewn around, and there were trees that had not been trimmed back in years. But no graffiti or fire damage.   Check out the full galley here: Abandoned House Also, if you’ve been missing the lack of cool new...

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Photos: Running a exposed hard drive, and then ruining it

Way back in 2002, I ran an experiment with a hard drive to see how durable the inside actually is, mostly curious to see how easy it is to ruin a drive. In the 2nd above photo you can see the drive arm moving, all of these photos were taken while the drive was being used in a live system.    We removed the cover of a old IDE hard drive and proceeded to format and install windows. We didn’t make any attempt to protect the drive, and the office we worked in...

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