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Hex Toy 3mm –or- 1/8in

IMG_2542 IMG_2545

If you are not familiar the Hex Toy is a laser cut building toy, the edge notches fit together to make abstract shapes.

Here’s a new version made specifically made for 3mm and 1/8th in plastic. The notches are larger, and the peices themselves are larger too. The feel is much more substantial.

IMG_2546 IMG_2547

Check out the Hex Connectors project page for more detail and to download the new design.

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# re: Hex Toy 3mm –or- 1/8in

Hi Jeremy,

These look great! I am still getting comments on the instances of your first version that are piled on my desk. I got really confused in trying to follow the links to download the files for the new revision. I kept going in circles and couldn't find the files. The files on Thingiverse are still the older version.

I am pretty easily confused. Can you point me kinda directly to the download file?

6/25/2009 12:28 PM | LeonS

# re: Hex Toy 3mm –or- 1/8in

The new DXF is in the main zip file on the project page, I'm heading out on vacation so I didn't have time to do a proper update. Sorry.

Send me a picture of what you've made with the hex! That would be cool.
6/25/2009 12:36 PM | jeremy

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